A car accident can change your life forever, even more when you suffer a serious injury such as whiplash. It is important to know what causes the injury, how to live with it and what is the best treatment that we can receive in order to see the progress as soon as possible.


Whiplash injury is caused by the sudden hyperextension of the neck followed by a bending; usually it occurs after a collision in a vehicle side or in a diving accident. The trauma may cause injury to the ligaments of the neck and sometimes bone lesions.


The patient has neck stiffness and pain sometimes radiHeadachesating to the occipital region and shoulders with limited mobility of the neck. Sometimes also, the patient may have headaches, dizziness, tingling in the arms, etc. The symptoms may appear 24 to 48 hours after the trauma.Have you suffered a whiplash injury and no doctor is able to diagnose the cause of chronic discomfort that now torments you?

Have you already tried all possible therapies without having resolved the problem?


At this point, it is where we come in. Life Source Health Partners will find a group of people trained in functional medicine and chiropractic that will help you greatly to improve your cervical pain. You will be thrill not only with our chiropractors but also with our specialists in acupuncture to help you find the exact point of tension and release with this ancient technique. We are in Lakewood Denver. In addition, we offer the best service of alternative medicine that you can find in Colorado. Once you have improved considerably from the neck injury, you will enjoy medicinal massage to help you relax tense muscles and tendons.

Search no more, start taking care of your health and feel relax and better with the best team in whiplash treatment.

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